Even during COVID-19 We can grow and win.

This is not an easy time for any of us, but I believe that we can adapt and even grow from it. All we need is some faith and the right adjustments to our business.

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Credit for the illustration: Blush

Credit for the illustration: Blush


I have years of experience working remotely

Over 2 years of remote work alongside start-ups and hi-tech companies. The distance between us was never an obstacle while I created designs that met their highest standards.


Pay in a way that is convenient for you

By the hour or per project, however you like.



Transparent time management

I record all my hours in a shared table, which you can watch in real time.


Play / Pause the work whenever you want

I know these are uncertain times. Because I work as a freelancer, you are not obligated to me, and you can stop working with me or resume the work whenever you want.



I am available for face-to-face meetings as needed

Sometimes we may choose to meet and get to know each other, or in order to make our work more productive. I am available for that as needed.

I volunteer on social projects

Do you have a social project related to the Coronavirus that can use the help of a designer? I’m glad to help. I recently volunteered as a lead designer for the Israel Corona Map, a project that succeeded at the national level and, that I am very proud of.


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