Corona Map

Volunteer project UX /UI

Israel Corona Map is designed to track patients in Israel at the beginning of the plague

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My role at Israel Corona Map
Co-founer and leading designer, including UX / UI design and marketing materials design.
About the project
The project was born right at the beginning of the corona pandemic, at the end of February 2020, One of my clients ( ex-google worker ) and I recognized that a solution was needed to track Corona patients in order to isolate them in order to prevent infection in the community.

We decided to take action and after a number of ideas we came up with, We decided to build a map that will follow the routes of Corona patients in Israel.
The challenges
The challenges in the project were many, on the design side the main challenge was to create a pleasant and user-friendly map in high-tech style, which would not scare users and give them the most relevant information possible.

In addition because of the dynamics of the disease, the map had to be updated frequently, which required the creation of quick fixes, in order to remain relevant.
Project achievements
The success of the map was enormous, in the first months of the pandemic, it was the main map that Israelis used.

There were over 1m + views on the map and hundreds of thousands of uses, in addition, we were the home map of Calcalist, and many other websites.

In addition, the map was used by the Ministry of Health, security bodies and universities in Israel.

The map fell out of use after two months of activity after realizing that the Ministry of Health and other entities had succeeded in creating convenient and available databases for Israelis regarding the corona pandemic.
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