Cyber Company UX /UI

A cyber company comprised of security experts, working with Fortune-100 companies

My role at 7CI
My main job at the company was working as a UX / UI designer on a project as part of the company's innovation department, in addition I designed and built websites for the company.
The team I worked with
The team I worked with consisted of security experts, hardware developers, software developers, and product managers with extensive experience in the cyber field.
About the main project i worked on
The project I was working on was a digital control room management system that would be used by customers for real-time protection against cyber attacks
The main challenge in the project was to create a simple digital system for controlling the control room devices that included TVs, lamps and cameras.

The challenge was to create a system that was convenient enough to use by a control room employee with a basic knowledge of technology.

A system that could bring different people into the room in an emergency and synchronize different content from across the web, easily and quickly.
My approach to challenges
"Someone has thought of this before." This is a motto that goes with me in every project I do.

The first thing I did was check out competitors in the field, then check out popular interfaces that display a lot of info like Netflix for example, and start creating first mock-ups.

I then introduced them to the team and had a discussion about them, after agreeing on the general line, I meeting with a team member who is the developer in the project and accurately characterized the screens and flows, then we transferred them for development.
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