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Wakka is a startup founded by Ex-google worker that provides IDE in the cloud for organizations

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My Role at Wakka
My job at Wakka was to redesign their product and make it more attractive to developers, in addition I designed their logo and website.
About my work on the project
The project included a redesign of their product, a collaborative cloud IDE designed for educational institutions.

My goal was to tailor the product to their target audience and express as much as possible the spirit that the entrepreneurs bring with them to the product.

The first thing I did was to do research on what background do developers prefer their interface? The results were unequivocally net for dark mode so I designed it in this color.

In addition, I wanted to reflect the spirit of the entrepreneurs in the product and the branding process - a spirit of effective, pleasant and collaborative learning. So I chose a logo and a rounded, boyish design language that reflects innocence and a desire to do good.
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