Social Venture

A Nonprofit Fundraising Website for Helping Families with Electricity Bills


During the Corona Crisis, I thought about how I could help people affected by the crisis in my spare time. Finally, me and my team built a fundraising website for families who have difficulty paying electricity bills.

The Impact

Money raised


Donated families




The website is active and given to Eckstein Foundation.





Design lead

Core Team

2 Developers

Operations manager

Social media manager






2020 - 2021


During a visit to my grandmother, she told me about a moving story she had heard on the radio:

My lovely grandma:)

“Yossi, I heard a very moving story on the radio about a guy who decided to donate for one woman's electricity bill.”

Then I had a moment of enlightenment

The problem

There are many websites for food donations but 0 websites for household bills donation

The solution

Build a crowdfunding website for household bills.

Design process

User Research

Who are my potential donors?

As a person who comes from the high-tech industry, I knew that the people in high-tech were less affected by the corona crisis , and I assumed that they could donate without a problem, and also might want to help build this project.

The persona

The guy in the picture is the awesome leading developer in the venture

22+ years old

Lives in the center of israel

Works for a high-tech company

Earns above the average in Israel

Not economically harmed by the Corona crisis

Has ideals, eager to help people

Testing my assumptions using the lean methodology, while using my design skills

To figure out if I was right, I uploaded a post , in a group of high-tech workers on Facebook.

Using my design skills after a quick work, I made a mockup of the main page of the website with the idea.

Post results

The post was a success and went viral, so I decided to build the website

After further thought, in order to test the feasibility of the idea, we decided to focuse on crowdfunding for electricity bills.

The end solution

Build a crowdfunding website for electricity bills

UX / UI principles

Tailoring the design to my target audience

Because I come from the high-tech world, I knew what style of design high-techists like. I decided to go for a clean, modern design line with an illustration in the hero section.

Building trust through Social proof

I knew from the first moment that I must build trust with the donor audience. with the donor audience.

So i decided to collaborate with reputable charities that people will feel comfortable donating to us thanks to their name.

Building trust through a transparent & clear process

In order to increase the chances that the user will donate to the website, we have built a transparent process where at the end of the process the user is receiving by mail the receipt of the electricity bill of the donor to whom he has donated.

Use of crowdfunding tactics

We decided to make it possible to donate to electricity bills in the form of crowdfunding, thus increasing the chance of donation, each as much as he can.

Displays the number of donors, donations, and families donated to increase fundraising.

Humans are a social animal , once they see that people have already donated to the Website, it increases their trust in it.

We have put these numbers in a central place on the website, in order to help people increase trust in the website and donate to it.

Using micro-animations to help tell the story

On mouse hover, the color of the buttons changes from black to yellow, like turning on a light.
Use of illustration by a professional illustrator who illustrates the change that can be made by donating an electricity bill.

Illustration by Tal Gutberg

The Impact

Money raised


Donated families




The website is active and given to Eckstein Foundation.


The project could not happen thanks to this amazing people

Ultimately success depends on the people you work with, having a good team of good and talented people - success comes, and no less important YOU ENJOY THE ROAD.