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Yossi Molcho

UX / UI designer with an entrepreneurial mindset

Passionate about helping start-ups and tech companies make complex products easy to use with clean and clear visual designs.


Web & Marketing Design

I am passionate about designing websites and landing pages that tell your story in the best way possible.

UX / UI Design

I Love to design complex products and make them easy and fun as possible to use.

Project Management

Extensive experience managing teams of developers and designers for successful project launch.


Disclaimer: Some of the projects are not shown here due to confidentiality restrictions.


I proficient at using Adobe, HTML, CSS, JS and a variety of other tools to ensure that your website is fully functional and professionally designed!

Social Impact

I especially enjoy working on projects that really speak to people or that have a social impact, If you think that I can help you, I’d love to talk!

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