Yossi Molcho

UX / UI designer with an entrepreneurial Mindset

Full of passion for designing complex systems, and helping people solve their problems in the most efficient, simple, and pleasant way possible.

What can I do for you

UX Design

Research, brainstorm & draws ideas that will help your users solve their problems easily & efficiently

UI Design

Uses colors, shapes, typography & more to make it easier for users to achieve their goal

Advanced Prototyping

Create mockups that will help you better understand how the design is working for your users


Creating explanations of personas, use cases, components, Rationale behind decisions & more

Design System

Unifies the design elements into one place, which will help you improve the efficiency of the design process

Design Handoff

Prepares explanatory documents and accompanies the developers in the development phase

Tools i use

My Main & Favorite tool

Companies I worked with

And More...