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Managing and Monitoring Multiple Drone Operators in the Same Airspace


AGL is a consultancy specializing in aviation UX and development.

During my time at AGL, I worked with a startup focused on managing and monitoring multiple drone operators in the same airspace , which is also known as UTM (Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management).



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2021 - 2022

The problem

Low airspace management is an open terrain in need of effective solutions.

Currently, The aviation industry is not well-equipped to handle low airspace operations, which creates challenges for the successful deployment of drones in activities such as deliveries, police work and more.
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The solution

A System to Ensure Safety in Low Airspace through Integrated Multi-Operator Drone Management

AI-based UTM/USSP solution manages multiple drone operators in the same airspace safely, efficiently, and at scale while ensuring the highest level of safety.
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The UX research challange

It's a new world, lacking comparable systems and user guidance.

Exploring the mostly unexplored area of low-altitude drone management needed creative thinking. This included researching systems used for managing roads, cities, and ships. It also involved studying traditional civil aviation and finding lesser-known studies and companies that are already working on these types of systems.


Project under NDA

Unfortunately I can not tell or show you more about this project, I would love to tell you more about other projects in a one-on-one conversation or meeting.