AGL consulting

UX / UI Currently employed

AGL is a technology consulting company, includes UX / UI services mainly in the worlds of aviation and defense industries.

Long story short

AGL is the company I currently work for as a UX / UI designer, I started working in this company a year ago.

My main project is working with a client on a UTM system, A system for managing and monitoring fleets of drones up to a country level, with an emphasis on safety.


My role




Product Manager

Design lead




2021 - Present

What does my job include?

- Users, Market and competition research

- Help with creating new features

- Writing use cases

- Creating wireframes and UI design

- Prototyping

- Presenting & explaining the rationale behind my UX decisions each week

- documentation

- And more...

Features I worked on

Map, Dashboard, charts, filters & sorting and search, menus, lists and more...

Project under NDA

Unfortunately I can not tell you more about the project, I would love to tell you more about other projects in a one-on-one conversation or meeting.

Let's talk

Feel free to reach out